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What is the difference between certified used equipment and used inventory?

Certified Used equipment is defined below:

Units will have a current/latest service report noting the condition of the unit as well as any recommendations or service required, this is a full inspection of the compressed air equipment.
Units are generally between 1- 8 years old and is being sold due to a customer upgrading a current system.
Some units have been maintained by a service provider since new.
Units may also have service records.

This helps potential used equipment buyers to purchase compressor air systems with confidence.

How do I get my unit certified?

Contact our service dept and schedule to have one of our knowledgeable technicians come and inspect your compressed air system and/or have a complete planned maintenance service performed on the unit. This will give you an inspection report that will be attached with your piece of equipment on our site.

How many units can I consign?

There is no limit to the number of units you can virtually consign with TK Compressor.

How do I value my equipment for consigning?

Figuring out a value and a sell price for your equipment is dependant on the size and quality of your equipment. Generally, if you speak to one of our sales account managers, we can give a rough estimate to help inform your decisions. We can schedule a time with an account manager for a site meeting for more specific evaluation on higher valued equipment based on your specific compressor.

How long until my consigned unit is listed on the site?

We can get your compressor listed on our used equipment page within two days of you submitting all the necessary information about your unit.

How is consigned equipment stored?

Most customer equipment will be stored at the customer’s location, the equipment is “virtually consigned” and would be shipped to the new customer directly from site to final destination. Some equipment can be stored at TK Compressor in Edmonton (Storage fees would apply). We also have some New Old Stock (NOS) equipment stored at our TK Compressor office. Check each listing for used equipment for the location listed by city.

Is there a cost to consignment?

The cost associated with consigning equipment is based on the quality of the equipment. This is usually a percentage of the final sale value, and it is only paid once your equipment has been sold.

Do I need photos of my unit?

Photos of your equipment are not necessary, but we’ve found good photos inspire buyer confidence and listings with good photos sell faster than those without photos.

What happens after my unit is sold?

Once we’ve found a buyer for your consigned unit, we will help connect you with the buyer to organize transportation and shipping. Once we receive payment for your equipment, we charge you the cost of the consignment and pay you the profits of your sale.

Purchasing Used Equipment

Can consigned equipment be used with my current setup?

As with any purchase of new equipment, understanding if your purchase will work with your existing setup is highly dependant on the specifics of your configuration. It’s always a good idea to ask one of our expert account managers to help you understand your specific situation.

What financing options do you have?

For units over $5000, we have easy financing options that can meet your specific needs and timelines. All of that information is available on our financing section under the “Used Equipment” tab.

How do I inquire about purchasing a consigned unit?

If you’ve found a piece of used equipment that you’re interested in, or are looking for something for your specific needs, phone us at +1 800 661 4706 and speak to one of our sales account managers, also note that if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for on our site we may still have options. More pre-owned/used equipment is listed everyday.

Where is each consigned equipment stored?

Some consigned equipment is stored at our TK Compressor office, while others are stored with the original owners. Check each listing for used equipment for the location listed by city.

I’ve bought a consigned compressor, what are my next steps?

For shipping, we can help establish contact between you and the business consigning the unit. Transportation and shipping of the unit has to be arranged between you and the business consigning the unit.

For installation and future maintenance, TK Compressor is happy to offer the same services as we do for new units. Scheduling an installation call is a great way to ensure your new unit fits with your existing setup.